Commit 4ab9d0af authored by Jules Saget's avatar Jules Saget
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Fix Makefiles

parent f8db9be4
......@@ -11,18 +11,21 @@
%.pdf %.aux %.idx: %.tex figs %.bbl
pdflatex $<
while grep 'Rerun to get ' $*.log ; do pdflatex $< ; done
if grep 'Rerun to get ' $*.log ; then make $@ ; fi
if grep 'There were undefined references' $*.log ; then exit 1 ; fi
if grep 'Please (re)run Biber' $*.log ; then make $*.bbl ; make $@ ; fi
%.bbl: %.bcf
%.bbl: %.bcf ref.bib
biber $*
%.bcf: %.tex
pdflatex $<
figs: figures/comparator.gv figures/ski_combinators.gv figures/simple_graph_reductions.gv
cd figures; ./
make -C figures
make -C figures clean
rm -f *.bbl
rm -f *.blg
rm -f *.out
......@@ -32,5 +35,3 @@ clean:
rm -f *.bcf
rm -f *.log
rm -f *.pdf
force: clean rapport.pdf
figs: comparator.pdf simple_graph_reductions.pdf ski_combinators.pdf
%.pdf: %.gv
dot -o$@ -Tpdf $<
rm -f *.pdf
for gv_file in $(ls | grep '.gv$')
out_file="$(basename $gv_file .gv).pdf"
dot -O -Tpdf $gv_file
mv "$gv_file.pdf" $out_file
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