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Clean directory for the slides to come

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......@@ -5,15 +5,19 @@
.PHONY: all figs tables clean
.DEFAULT_GOAL := main.pdf
.DEFAULT_GOAL := report.pdf
all: report.pdf slides.pdf
%.pdf %.aux %.idx: %.tex figs tables %.bbl
pdflatex -shell-escape $<
if grep 'Rerun to get ' $*.log ; then make $@ ; fi
if grep 'Rerun to get ' $*.log ; then $(MAKE) $@ ; fi
if grep 'There were undefined references' $*.log ; then exit 1 ; fi
if grep 'Please (re)run Biber' $*.log ; then make $*.bbl ; make $@ ; fi
if grep 'Please (re)run Biber' $*.log ; then $(MAKE) $*.bbl ; $(MAKE) $@ ; fi
%.bbl: %.bcf ref.bib
biber $*
......@@ -22,13 +26,13 @@
pdflatex -shell-escape $<
make -C figures
$(MAKE) -C figures
make -C tables
$(MAKE) -C tables
make -C figures clean
$(MAKE) -C figures clean
rm -f *.bbl
rm -f *.blg
rm -f *.out
......@@ -39,3 +43,7 @@ clean:
rm -f *.log
rm -f *.pdf
rm -f *.dvi
rm -rf _minted-*
rm -f *.lof
rm -f *.lot
rm -f *.lol
Carl-Johan Seger\\
Octopi Team\\
\url{} \\
Chalmers tekniska högskola\\
Göteborg, Sweden\\
{\centering \@title\par}}
{\centering \large \@author}}
{\centering \emph{Under the direction of}\\
\large \referee}}
\title{ \normalsize \textsc{École Normale Supérieure\\
Département d'Informatique\\
Stage de M1}
\HRule{0.5pt} \\
\huge \textbf{ --- CEPHALOPODE --- } \\
\LARGE \textbf{\uppercase{Design of execution unit in IoT functional
language processor}} \\
\Large \uppercase{Internship Report}
\HRule{2pt} \\[0.5cm]
\normalsize March -- July 2020
Jules Saget\\
École Normale Supérieure\\
Département d'Informatique\\
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