Commit 25e140f3 authored by Martin Pépin's avatar Martin Pépin
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parent 4291a160
...@@ -171,4 +171,4 @@ let write_on_rom rom ram prog = ...@@ -171,4 +171,4 @@ let write_on_rom rom ram prog =
List.iter (find_text_labels rom_env) prog.text; List.iter (find_text_labels rom_env) prog.text;
rom_env.addr <- program_start; rom_env.addr <- program_start;
List.iter (write_textline rom_env ram_env) prog.text; List.iter (write_textline rom_env ram_env) prog.text;
(rom_env.addr, ram_env.addr) (4*rom_env.addr, 4*ram_env.addr)
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