Commit e10bedc9 authored by Noémie Fong's avatar Noémie Fong
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Get rid of alu_op:[3]

parent c0a6b40f
......@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ require ALU/utils
ALU(input1:[32], input2:[32], alu_control:[4], alu_op:[3], use_shamt) = (alu_zero, result:[32]) where
ALU(input1:[32], input2:[32], alu_control:[4], use_shamt) =
(alu_zero, result:[32]) where
R_format = equal_zero_n<3>(alu_op);
result =
mux(alu_control[0], (* if 1 then shift or HI/Lo, else logical or artih*)
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