Commit 3f50bab6 authored by Quentin Aristote's avatar Quentin Aristote
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parent 05abe157
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ let calc_exp exp=match exp with
|Invalid_argument a->false
in VBitArray (Array.mapi aux (Array.make word_size 0))
|Eram (addr_size,word_size,read_addr,write_enable,write_addr,data)->saletruc:=!saletruc+100;
|Eram (addr_size,word_size,read_addr,write_enable,write_addr,data)->saletruc:=!saletruc+1000;
begin if (int_of_value (calc_arg write_enable))=1 then
let aux1 i p=
Hashtbl.add ram (word_size*((int_of_value (calc_arg write_addr)))+i+(!saletruc)) (Array.get (bitarray_of_value (calc_arg data)) i)
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